Weight Loss For Men Over 40


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Weight Loss For Men Over 40:

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The "Weight Loss For Men Over 40" program covers nearly everything you need to know about losing weight beyond the age of 40.

I think your book is wonderful. It's very comprehensive and easy to understand. Your book finally gave me the courage and knowledge to start losing weight. Thank you for your help! I especially like the 'Secret Belly Fat Loss Tips' that you put throughout the book. I'm applying those in my daily life and I'm getting great results.

Thanks again,

Richard Ranch
Vancouver, Canada


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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your amazing e-book. It was so easy to read and understand. Working in the office, I found it very difficult to lose weight, until I came across your e-book. I have been following the program in the e-book for 6 months now, and look at my results! Not only I have reduced my body fat, but by following the weight training guide in the book, I have also gained 10 pounds of lean muscle, which is incredible! Thank you so much for all the great information and I can't wait to tell my friends about this e-book.

Nick Carter
Florida, USA

YesssAnd, it's not like any other book you've ever read on weight loss.


Simply, it's a book written specially for men over the age of 40.

Every section in the book is there because "you asked for it". Well, not "you" really. But from real life questions. Questions from men over the age of 40 who are keen to lose weight.

A simple webpage was set up, and people like you visited it and left me their most pressing questions on weight loss for men over 40.

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Which means no fluff. Just the real answers you want to know.

You'll discover all types of exciting tips. From how to prevent losing muscle and not fat ... to how to determine target calorie intake. From how to combat sugar cravings ... to how to exercise to lose belly fat.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover in "Weight Loss For Men Over 40":

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Dear Kevin,

Thank you for your wonderful e-book. It's got so many good ideas for men over 40 who want to lose weight. Before discovering "Weight Loss For Men Over 40", I always felt tired and lazy because I was carrying excess weight. Then I started to use the methods in the e-book, and my results have been amazing! I feel more energetic than I have in 5 years. I went from a size 40 to a size 34. I lost 7 kilos and 20 cm from my waist in 10 weeks. Thank you Kevin, I wouldn't have achieved such great results without your e-book. And I recommend your book to any man over 40 who wants to lose weight.

Samuel Ali
Melbourne, Australia

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I was a junk food addict. I used to eat anything I could get from fast food stores. After turning 40, I noticed I was gaining too much weight, especially around my belly area. The excess weight was starting to affect my health as well. So I decided to lose weight for good. A friend of mine told me about "Weight Loss For Men Over 40", and I decided to give it a go.

Three months into the program, my beer belly completely disappeared. I couldn't believe it. Now I fit into jeans that I never dreamt of wearing. I like the meal plans in the e-book. It is so easy to follow, and it gives you a variety of food choices, so everyone can enjoy their meals. Thanks so much for your e-book. It's worth much more than its retail value.

Simon Smith
Nevada, USA

Hi Kevin,

I love the information in your e-book. It explains all the essential components necessary for successful weight loss. Before discovering "Weight Loss For Men Over 40", I tried various methods to lose weight. Diet, gym and meal replacements. I did lose weight, but I also put it back on again, which is frustrating. After reading your e-book and applying the methods, I lost 20 pounds and 6 inches from my waist in 3 months.

The best thing is I have maintained it for the past 6 months, without gaining an inch or a pound! I am absolutely thrilled with my results. All thanks to your e-book. The bonuses are awesome. They boosted my weight loss results. Thank you for putting together all the great information into this e-book.

Sean Wright
Colorado, USA

Hi Kevin,

What a fantastic book! "Weight Loss For Men Over 40" was the exact blueprint that helped me drop 45 pounds in 10 months. Before discovering your book, I was a yo-yo dieter. I tried fad diets after fad diets, and lost weight, but gained it back in no time. After reading your book, I realized the root of my weight problem, and fixed it by following the program. This time I lost weight, and have NOT gained back a single pound!

I loved the bonus eBook "Top 10 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight". It helped me realize my problems, and by fixing the problems, I lost weight much easier, and have NOT gained it back since. Thank you for your wonderful book. I never dreamt I would be able to lose 45 pounds in my 40s, it's a dream come true for me!


Colin Matthews
Ohio, USA

"Weight Loss For Men Over 40" is the perfect solution for any man who wants to lose weight beyond the age of 40. It is full of useful information and practical strategies for successful weight loss. Twelve months ago, I was overweight and experienced a minor heart attack. I knew I had no choice but to lose weight.

My friend told me about "Weight Loss For Men Over 40", and I bought the e-book. Then I started to implement the methods in the book. It didn't take long for me to see real results. After the first three weeks, I had lost 4 pounds and 1 inch from my waist. Now I have been using the program for 12 months, and I have gone from 213 pounds to 165 pounds. A total loss of 48 pounds! It wasn't easy, but all I did was follow the program consistently, and made the effort to make it happen.

I am 52 years old. If I can lose 48 pounds by following the program in "Weight Loss For Men Over 40", I believe anyone can do it. I encourage any man over 40 looking to lose weight to buy this e-book. They will be making a mistake if they don't!

Tommy Garcia
Utah, USA

Hi Kevin,

After reading your bonus e-book "Top 10 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight", I finally realized why I was not losing any weight despite my efforts. By making some small changes to my daily routine, I was able to lose 17 pounds in 3 months. I was very surprised with my results, it was something I had been trying to do for a long time. Thank you for your e-books, they're very informative and interesting to read. Best of all, they come with practical strategies that really work.

Daniel Gomez
Oregon, USA

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Top 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

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"Weight Loss For Men Over 40" is a breath of fresh air compared to most of the weight loss books out there. Instead of showing you a quick fix to your weight problems, the book focuses on a sensible approach to help you lose fat after the age of 40. It combines nutrition, strength training, lifestyle adjustments and maintenance after weight loss to create an effective program, which if you follow consistently, will definitely help you lose weight.

Robert Andrews
Qualified Personal Trainer, UK